Frequently asked questions

How many cameras are there?

There are over 100 cameras within the scanner system which fire simultaneously to create a high-resolution 360 degree image of the subject.

How long does the process take?

The process of actually scanning the subject only takes a matter of seconds. Actually processing the data and producing an accurate model can take a few days, at the end of which we ship the model out to you.

Can 3D body scanning harm my body?

No it can’t. The scan is based up digital photography technology. Essentially all we are doing is taking a lot of photos of you in one split-second. A flash is fired and the pictures are taken that make up the 360 image


What kind of poses can I have for my figurine?

Pretty much anything you like. The only limitations imposed are down to the physical size of the scanner system Fine details like spreading your fingers or putting particular strands of hair in certain places, etc. tend to break and therefore are unable to be printed in most circumstances

Will my scan data be saved?

Definitely. We create a digital archive of your data which will be kept 100% private and secure

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