In life we enjoy some of our best and closest companionship with the animals that make up an enormous part of our family lives. Why not capture them in some of their greatest poses with our 360 degree 3D scanning system? It produces incredibly detailed 3D figurines that perfectly capture the essence of that special, faithful pet.

3D animal printing

Our full 360 degree scanner system means that your pet can be scanned in high quality in less than a second, they don’t even have to remain completely still as the system can compensate for any sudden movement. Once their image has been captured we get on with the business of processing the information in great detail and begin producing the superb, life-like figurine for you to treasure.

Several model sizes are available from 6 inches upwards.

To get your pet booked in for a scan and take advantage of our 3D animal printing you can either call us on 01384 77703 or alternatively you can fill out our contact form.

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